Christian Perspectives


A Judo Christian Foundation

The late middle ages astronomers

had a philosophy of science

  • that God , the creator put logic into the universe
  • so our observations should find that logic.

references to be added  after I look them up.

Jesus is the answer.

the problem is sin -

  • greed
  • hate
  • selfishness
  • rebellion
  • imorality
  • sexual abuse
  • the exploitation of others.


Anthropology - the study of culture.

 A Christian perspective I would like to propose is:

  • we are all equal as descendants of the man and woman

                    God created.   God redeemed.

  • all Christians are equal in Christ. (Galatians 3 v 28)
                                                        (Colossians 3 v 11)

Church culture:

    I believe Christianity should be expressed in the culture

                   of the people.

    Christianity should not be culture bound.



Sociology - the study of power and authority

     the use and abuse of power and authority.

I propose a Christian view would include:

  • leaders accountable to God
  • provide for the poor
  • desire wisdom


Alienation =  normlessness, meaningless

     powerlessness, self estrangement


The scriptures provide:

  • morality = values
  • purpose and value
  • Christ has power over sin.
  • I am found in Christ.

this being a summary of the basis

of numerous 2,000 word essays at uni.






The Judo Christian ethic emphasised,

amongst other  ethical values

the importance of trust and honour.


It is suggested that in business

 a Christian or honourable employer

                   or Manager should:

  • pay employees fair wages ( Colossians 4 v 1 )
  • pay suppliers on time
  • charge customers a fair price.
  • supply quality goods and services.